Louis Klarfeld

I am a producer with a focus in marketing. I am a certified scrum master, certified by Clinton Keith. I have worked on multiple teams as main producer in which a final product had potential to publish.

I am in my final year at Champlain College and I am currently looking for job opportunities in the gaming industry.
Expected graduation time: may 2020.

Professional Experience:

Worked as a production intern at Rad Magpie for the semester of my senior year. The project was porting an app from IOS native to Android native. The app was about helping people with panic attacks by giving biofeedback and time estimations on how long their attack would last. I was the only producer, so I worked to keep the entire project in scope and on track. I also did some minor design documentation because the team didn’t have a designer as this project was porting, but the original team didn’t have design documentation at hand so I picked up some slack so my team could focus on what they were good at and honestly what was more important.

I enrolled at Champlain college in 2016. I have been studying Game Production Management for three years. With experience on many projects over that time. I have been the lead producer in 3 major projects and have been an associate producer for 2. Throughout my years at Champlain I have learned a lot about leading teams with different dynamics, personalities, and values. I always strive to give it my all so that the team can focus on their respective disciplines.