Senior Production Development Blog 1

Let’s start by meeting the new team

Production staff

I’m Austin! I like to play games and manage teams of people who play video games. I’m a retro game collector and I also enjoy riding my longboard if it’s nice out!



Hey I’m Louis! I do producer documents and fill where possible. I generally enjoy marketing and figuring out why someone likes a certain game. I like to play a wide variety of games in general.

Hi I’m Brett marketing consultant for Hitbox Studios. I have a few years experience in marketing research and development for both at home and LBE VR projects. I am a huge fan of shooters, especially when in VR!
@schwartzbretta1 (Brett Schwartz)


Howdy, I’m Karl! I am a Technical Game Designer who loves designing game systems with an equal passion for engineering gameplay code. Some of my interests besides games include linguistics, music, aviation, and simulation!



Hey there! I’m Emmett, I’m a Game Designer who focuses on Systems and Level Design. I absolutely love everything strategy-game related, especially in real-time. Besides games some of my interests are graphic design, and sleeping.

Heyo! I’m Joe! I do systems / combat design stuff and some animation on the side. I run RPG campaigns and also with my legs in my free time. 

Whats up, I’m Harry! I’m something of a generalist game designer, skilled in systems and UX design. I like to fish and play card games in my free time.
Harry Goetz

Hello! I’m Lauren and I mainly work on UI/UX, but I also have a passion for narrative design. In my free time, I love watching anime/animated shows and movies. I have done minor animations myself and look forward to making more!
Lauren Ritze


Hi, my name is Josh! Besides programming systems and tools, I enjoy cooking lots of pasta and taking long walks on the beach… in VR.
@ Jagman926 (Josh Grazda)

Hi! I’m Kelly! I am mostly a gameplay / generalist programming but I have a passion for graphics programming. I love coffee and I like to play monster hunter world in my free time.
@Kellers176 (Kelly Herstine)

I want to use my skills, curiosity, and enthusiasm to create games to help people relax and be happy. Just as video games have done for me
@DrabbyPage (Cameron Belcher)

Just your average gamer. I just be chilling you know. Want something done? Ya got it, hit me up fam. Wanna try something out? I gotchu. What else do you need? Just ask.
Michael Zheng


Love being creative and making art, in as many mediums as possible! Focused on prop art, but have some experience with graphic design and video as well!
@4damAvenue (Adam Streeter)

Kaylees my name and I make characters for games! I can make your characters too, and hope someday that character will inspire some young 12 year old like it did for me!

Jonah didn’t send me anything about himself – what a slacker! Just kidding, it’s probably since he’s busy in our art dungeon making some sweet VFX!
Jonah Vita

My overall experience being on-boarded

Week 1 of the on-boarding process for Cash Force went pretty smoothly. As a developer, this was my first time actually being on-boarded so the process was a bit weird. I have on-boarded others before but it’s much different jumping into someone else’s project. Overall the documentation was able to get me up to speed relatively fast. The most prominent of them being the business doc (technically called the production doc) it layed out all of the essentials about the game with a production focus as the name implies. The documents were of good substance and easy to read. On another note Austin was great at getting me the information I needed and helped me ease into the associate producer role on the team. As we get past the nitty-gritty I am excited to work on this project and bring my skills to the table. With that being said, it seems that I will be tackling more of the business side of production along with marketing (with Brett). As I get more to work on there will be more to update in the blogs to come!

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