Senior Production Development Blog 2

This week I spent a lot of time on two main tasks:
– QA
– Project Plan

QA with a new project is always exciting. Although it has the downside of being a slow day for QA. Since its still early in the semester not many people are showing up for QA just yet. I worked on this form:

This week we wanted to focus on getting people’s feedback on our concepts. What you see above is two pictures of the lighting in our game. This is actually very new to the game and changes how things look significantly. Players, after having played the build without the light implemented, love how the new lighting looks.

This is the graph for the mentioned section.

As you can see it seems we have some success with this new look for our game. In general we were able to get a lot of good information for our concepts. The main take away from the QA session is that the game is a little too orange. As the game is trying to be a more stereotypical movies 70’s theme we took a very iconic color of the time and applied it a little too much. Moving forward we will be addressing this concern and changing how our game looks (don’t worry there will still be orange and probably a lot, just less than our current iteration).

I also worked on a project plan. This is a bit more of the nitty-gritty of the production process so I will summarize a bit of Austin and I worked on:

– Define clear objectives for a milestone
– Broken up by division
– Explain how we plan to tackle each goal
– Anything we need to complete them
– Repeat for each milestone

So, it look something like this:

Greenlight (xx/xx/xxxx)
– Get the design done
– Specifics
– Get another thing done
– Specifics
How: Explain how we plan to tackle each thing

This is a rough layout if you want to see a much more detailed version \/

Overall these last two weeks have been very productive and after a little bit of being confused and running around, I believe I have settled down in this project. I can’t wait to keep working on this with the rest of (Fellow Humans/Holo Hexagon)!

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