Senior Production Development Blog 3

This week I had a bit of a setback but the main things of note are the new Project Plan and QA.
I worked with Austin these past two weeks to get a Project Plan that would allow us to plan out through to Alpha to Beta. The plan is very important, it gives us direction and shows that we know where we want the game to be. Here is the Format for the Project Plan:

This is the format we are using to keep everything in order. This is only one week but we have planed up to week 8. This will keep our production process smooth. We will use this and transition into Beta ready to polish our game. We also took a new build to QA this week. It’s a big milestone since we haven’t got to test many new things until now.

The largest change has to be the art. Our game got a new color scheme and lighting as you can see in the gif above. People at the QA liked the new art a lot. Which is a big improvement from: “too much orange”, “why is everything orange”, “ORANGE”. Now our artists can sleep calmly instead of having nightmares about the color orange.

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