Senior Production Development Blog 4

This week in development I worked primarily on the release plan for Cash Force and social media management. I have drafted out our first posts but do not have access to the handles and can’t post them yet. When that small hiccup is dealt with Fellow Humans will have active posts and updates on our social media. Back to the release plan, as a team there are a lot of things we need to have before we get to Release Candidate 1. Main points for the plan are:

  • Trailers
  • Branding
  • Finished Build
  • Press Kit
  • Legal Business

I also created an asset list based off of these requirements, here is the link to a copy: Copy of Asset List. Here is a peak of the first half of the asset list:

Last updated on 3/5/20

This list goes over some specifics or if there is a lack of knowledge there is a question mark. The spaces with a question mark will need more info from other members of the team or need some time to figure out. Each major point also has a priority, user stories that make up the epic, who will be tackling the task, progress, whether it’s in the folder it needs to be, time estimate, a description of the task, and any feedback if there needs to be feedback. With this list we should be all set for hitting our release candidate.

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