Senior Production Development Blog 5

To start off this Blog I want to encourage people to stay at home. Social distancing can help lower the curve. With that said this Post is all about the transition from in-person to online team: workflow/ethic, accountability, communication, and motivation. These four things are key to having a successful online project.

Workflow is super important, people mentally need a shift from relax time to work time. This can be as simple as an alarm or a shift in scenery. But some people struggle more with this and need a location shift. To physically be in an office instead of home to trigger the work switch. With the current times its extremely hard to have a location change. Something as simple as changing rooms might be able to help.

Accountability helps to keep members from brushing off work. When you are at home its a lot easier to brush off something as done or good enough. You need to have a channel where people can see and evaluate what you do. Not a full formal evaluation but just seeing the product and addressing it. Having an update channel is also supper important to keep everyone on the same page as to who has done what.

Communication suddenly becomes a lot harder when there are miles and maybe even states or countries between team members. It is important to set guidelines for communication so every member is clear as to how to communicate and when they are expected to update the team.

Motivation is probably the hardest hitting out of all the four. With such a panic going on in the outside world its hard to stay focused on work when the world has a pandemic going on. Give people slack, but also find ways to drive them to enjoy their work again. Find areas they like about the project and crack that part to a thousand.

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