Senior Production Development Blog 6

As the project is wrapping up for the semester, the team is working on getting everything polished. The producers are working on the release plan and anything needed in game planned out for release. I have been working on this marketing tool called the press kit. The press kit is used as an information center for any person who is reviewing, posting about, or is highlighting it for some media format. It has a lot of important information ranging from the description of the game to market demographic. These pieces of information are very important to understand our game and how it fits into the market. It also highlights some important things about our game. For instance, the art being 70’s themed effects all the art assets and most of the context of the game. In this press kit, I am spending the most time on something I call marketing slides. These marketing slides have a lot of information on demographic, player base, and explaining who we are making this game for. Here is some of the slides:

The second picture shows the motivation spectrum from Quantic Foundry. This is an important point in the marketing slides, it outlines where our game lies in this spectrum and what type of people play out game. As our game is an arcade shooter Cash Force is high on the destruction spectrum. The game has a lot of guns and explosions with destructible vehicles which fits nicely at the top of the spectrum. What the spectrum shows are the two ends of the destruction rainbow. There are people who love destruction and mayhem but there are also people who like little to non of that. Both of those are valid reasons to like games and also part of the same spectrum even though they are so different.

Soon these slides will be done, and the project will be ready to release. When that happens we can give them the press kit so they can understand the game and have a great time playing while showing off the game to whoever watches them!

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