Senior Production Development Blog 6

As the project is wrapping up for the semester, the team is working on getting everything polished. The producers are working on the release plan and anything needed in game planned out for release. I have been working on this marketing tool called the press kit. The press kit is used as an information center […]

Senior Production Development Blog 5

To start off this Blog I want to encourage people to stay at home. Social distancing can help lower the curve. With that said this Post is all about the transition from in-person to online team: workflow/ethic, accountability, communication, and motivation. These four things are key to having a successful online project. Workflow is super […]

Senior Production Development Blog 4

This week in development I worked primarily on the release plan for Cash Force and social media management. I have drafted out our first posts but do not have access to the handles and can’t post them yet. When that small hiccup is dealt with Fellow Humans will have active posts and updates on our […]

Senior Production Development Blog 3

This week I had a bit of a setback but the main things of note are the new Project Plan and QA.I worked with Austin these past two weeks to get a Project Plan that would allow us to plan out through to Alpha to Beta. The plan is very important, it gives us direction […]

Senior Production Development Blog 2

This week I spent a lot of time on two main tasks: – QA – Project Plan QA with a new project is always exciting. Although it has the downside of being a slow day for QA. Since its still early in the semester not many people are showing up for QA just yet. I […]

Senior Production Development Blog 1

Let’s start by meeting the new team Production staff I’m Austin! I like to play games and manage teams of people who play video games. I’m a retro game collector and I also enjoy riding my longboard if it’s nice out! @Austin_Roorda Hey I’m Louis! I do producer documents and fill where possible. I generally […]